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iPod Nano the fourth

September 30, 2008 Leave a comment

The ipod Nano is back with the 4th generation model!! An here are its features:

At the Apple Let’s Rock Event on September 9, 2008, the iPod nano 4th Generation was officially announced. It returns to the narrow form factor of the 2G model, while retaining and rotating the 2-inch (51 mm) screen from the 3G model. It is also thinner than both the 2G and 3G, measuring 90.7 mm (3.6 inches) tall by 38.7 mm (1.5 inches) wide by 6.2 mm (0.24 inch) thick, and weighing 36.8 grams (1.3 ounces). It has a curved aluminum shell and glass screen.

The six previous colors (silver, charcoal, mint, turquoise, berry red, and rose pink) have been replaced by silver, black, purple, light blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and pink. Apple markets the new colors as “nano-chromatic”. Also added is an accelerometer which allows the nano to switch between portrait and landscape display modes by just tilting the iPod left or right, shuffle songs when shaken, and access Cover Flow when tilted sideways. The UI has also been refreshed, adding a more stylized look in keeping with the new hardware design. It includes a new voice recording feature which starts automatically when an Apple compatible microphone is plugged in. It also includes the new “Genius” feature, introduced by Apple the same day. The Genius feature automatically creates playlists based on a selected song using an algorithm built by Apple.

It is additionally touted as “the most environmentally friendly iPod Apple has ever made”, containing arsenic-free glass and a BFR-, mercury-, and PVC-free design. It is also claimed to be highly recyclable. The iPod Nano 4G will be shipped in cases similar to the 2G ones with the clear view in the front, and is marketed in two models: 8 GB and 16 GB. limited quantities of an unannounced 4 GB models have surfaced in various markets.

Courtesy of Wikipedia

It seems that Apple is constantly improving and turning the ipod Nano into a multimedia platform rather than just a mere MP3 player. Personally I’m still using the iPod Nano second generation which I am fully satisfied (at least for now) though I have tried the third generation which did not really trilled me despite its advanced features compared to the 2th G.


SaneBull is a tool for investors

September 20, 2008 Leave a comment

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