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Man Throws Shoes At Bush

December 17, 2008 1 comment

That’s the least you deserve Mr Bush!!

P.s I’m back on duty after two months of absence.


Gross misbehaviour of an elderly woman

August 24, 2008 1 comment

Last week, more precisely on Friday at about 10.30 to 11.00, while I was waiting in a queue for the bus – the ‘navette’ (Mauritians will understand) at the Victoria bus station, an old lady suddenly went straight into the bus without even waiting for her turn. Immediately while seeing this, the controller of the bus went to her in order to make her wait for her turn, but as a response the old woman slapped the fellow with the astonishment of the other persons present.

As if it wasn’t enough the old woman started to insult the controller who acted as a gentleman by leaving her and continue to check the other person’s bus tickets. Having seen all the scene, the chief of the controller went into the bus and started to shout (not insult) at the old lady stating that she was uneducated and illiterate!!!

Personally I think that the chief of the station was right to shout at the old woman due to the fact that her attitude was shameful especially a person at this age who are supposed to be examples to the younger generation!!

Drunk TV host causes a car accident

August 9, 2008 1 comment

Today while reading the local newspapers, I came across articles where it is mentioned that a famous TV host in Mauritius has been the cause of a serious car accident and moreover the alcoholic testing made on her was positive!!

What have really attracted my attention was the fact that two large newspapers in Mauritius have taken the precaution of not mentioning the name of the TV host but instead referred to her as an MBC (Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation) employee. Only Le Defi Media Group newspaper had the decency of revealing her name as shown in the URL link below

Une conductrice ivre provoque un grave accidentl’express Samedi
Pamela Patten à l’origine d’un grave accident de voiture
Le Defi Media Group
Grave accident à Pailles
Le Matinal

Beijing 2008: The Olympic game’s opening

August 8, 2008 1 comment

Today 8th August 2008 is a date to remember, as China is hosting the 29th Olympics game in Beijing. Much controversies have arise in the western world due to the fact that many organisations (especially the Pro-Human Rights activists such as Reporters Without Borders) have argued that there should be a boycott of the games openings which I consider to be totally stupid and irresponsible. Enough said about this issue, I will be regularly posting some news during the month about the games especially the attitudes of the western media about this event. So from now on the games can start!!

‘Le premier sexe’

August 5, 2008 3 comments

In the near future I’m planning to buy ‘Le premier sexe‘ which is a book from French author and journalist Eric Zemmour who described and explained the process of feminisation of our modern society. The book explicitly describe how the feminist movement actively participate in the ‘castration’ of man and bring a negative impact on our society.


A quoi ressemble l’homme idéal ? Il s’épile. Il achète des produits de beauté. Il porte des bijoux. Il rêve d’amour éternel. Il croit dur comme fer aux valeurs féminines. Il préfère le compromis à l’autorité et privilégie le dialogue, la tolérance, plutôt que la lutte. L’homme idéal est une vraie femme. Il a rendu les armes. Le poids entre ses jambes est devenu trop lourd. Certaines féministes se sont emparées de cette vacance du pouvoir, persuadées que l’égalité c’est la similitude. Aujourd’hui, les jeunes générations ont intégré cette confusion. Les fils ne rêvent que de couple et de féminisation longue durée. Ils ne veulent surtout pas être ce qu’ils sont : des garçons. Tout ce qui relève du masculin est un gros mot. Une tare. Mais la révolte gronde. Les hommes ont une identité à reprendre. Une nouvelle place à conquérir. Pour ne plus jamais dire à leurs enfants : ” Tu seras une femme, mon fils. “

How harmful can technology be?

August 3, 2008 2 comments

Technology as a whole provides us with a lot of benefits in our everyday life whether at work, at home, when traveling etc. But apart from these facilities and benefits, technology do possesses a lot of disadvantages that the ordinary media try to avoid in fear to displease their master which is capitalism!

These disadvantages ranges from ‘laissez aller’ attitude for example television which have largely contributed to the increase of obesity among children and young adults due to lack of physical activities, addiction from social network websites which provides more of a ‘voyeur’ attitude rather than keeping individuals in touch, harassment from mobile phones or via SMS, viruses or hackers which only aims at stealing your personal information and your bank account at the same time.

With all these disadvantages mentioned and others which haven’t been said, will these stop us from using these ‘precious’ tools of our everyday life? I would rather say NO! or in other circumstances it could also be YES! So its you the jury to decide!!

Got pinched…….because of a cigarette

July 30, 2008 Leave a comment

Today, while returning home after university courses, I stopped in the capital (Port-Louis) to enjoy a meal in a fast-food restaurant. After eating I immediately headed to a retail shop to buy a one cigarette ( this practice of buying is common in Mauritius), light it up and enjoy the smoke.

Unfortunately after smoking I carelessly throw the rest of it on the pavement, when immediately a police officer who came out of nowhere ‘intercepted’ me, introduced himself as an environmental police officer and asked me to give my identity card. Not only did he noted my name, ID number but he also asked me several questions such as what do I do in life, where do I live, my phone number etc etc.

So I told the officer that I agree I was at fault and think that in fact he was doing his job properly, nevertheless I asked him if am I going to get a fine, in the first place he told me yes, then he told me not to do it again, of course I tried at least to apologise myself and asked him again if I was going to be fined, he was evasive….and told me that I was free to go.

Till now I haven’t received any phone call about this issue, Was he serious when he took my name, ID etc? Was he ‘trying’ only to be impressive which would make me think twice before repeating this ‘crime’ again? Perhaps time will tell!