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The truth behind the existence of feminism (1)

August 28, 2008 Leave a comment

Since some 20 to 30 years ago, modern feminism has emerged in response to the so-called domination of the ‘monstrous’ men over the ‘poor’ women. Nowadays feminism has tremendously changed from its former ‘struggle’ but instead has turned into a totalitarian movement which does not recognized the true equality of men and women despite what they constantly say.

Feminism and Capitalism

Despite what have been said about feminism that – it is a ‘liberation’ and ‘emancipation’ movement for women, feminism is in fact a capitalism tool which government and capitalist lobby have understood a long time ago. Feminism is encouraged due to the economic potential that it generates for the government and the private sector. These potentials are listed as follows:

1. Governments in practically all modern especially western countries encourage feminism due to the fact that while women are employed they would generate incomes which would be taxed. This creates large revenue for countries which was forgone before feminism and women labour.

2. Women are cheaper than Men’. Before feminism, the private sector ‘used’ women to ‘scare’ male workers especially in the manufacturing sector that would go for strike whether for wage increase or for more flexible hours etc. As a response industrialist threaten to employ women for the same job at a lower wage rate. Nowadays this very same system is used to ‘scare’ workers of a country by their local industrialists, who threaten their employees to decentralize their activities in other countries like China, where salaries are extremely low.

3. While promoting feminism, governments are more or less having a control on birth rate due to the fact that more and more women are employed, thus the birth rate is constantly declining and moreover most feminist organizations are pro-abortion.

4. Women are encouraged to work simply because they are bigger consumers than men, thus, here again governments benefits from it in the form of Value Added Tax on articles bought. The private sector also benefits from this new consumerism attitude which boosts their sales and profits.

With these above mentioned facts, it is clear that feminism which I consider to be a form of ‘sex fascism’ have a bright future ahead. Make no mistake I’m not an anti-capitalism but I’m certainly explaining how a self-proclaimed emancipation ideology is being deviated and tolerated because of it’s economic potential. (to be continued)

P.s An analysis on Feminism and its collaterals will be published later on!!